European Sufi Summer School

23rd European Sufi Summer School:

Saturday, 28 June - Friday, 4 July 2025


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The European Sufi Summer School

is open to all. It is rooted in an open spiritual tradition of the ancient Chistia lineage of Sufism. Our transmission (ruhaniyya) is through Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan, Murshid Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti (Samuel L.Lewis) and Murshid Moineddin Jablonski. Threads of their individual spiritual practice also include Zen Buddhism, mystical Christianity, Bhakti and Advaita Yoga, and Kaballah.

The Summer School is staffed by dedicated students connected in various ways to and through this line of spiritual transmission. It is not legally or financially connected with any other Sufi corporation, organisation or project.

Our Summer School celebrates the living way of the many paths of the heart through Sufi zikr (Remembrance), sitting and walking meditation, healing, spiritual music, Soulwork and Spiritual Psychology, art and Dances of Universal Peace, and more.

We emphasize teaching “in the footsteps of” our spiritual ancestors with language and practice adapted to the current challenges of humanity and the planet as a whole. No prior experience is necessary except a heart open to wisdom from the world’s many traditions.

All classes are conducted in English and German.

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European Sufi Summer School