Classes 2024

Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz (Scotland)

The Return of Holy Wisdom: Recovering the Forgotten Way of Being Human

Teachings, chant, meditations, body awareness, and sacred movement (including walking meditation, body prayer, Dances of Universal Peace, and Sufi zikr) from the long, hidden tradition of Sophia-Holy Wisdom. Our main thread will explore the deep meditations in the ancient text “Thunder, Perfect Mind” in parallel with Jesus’ teachings in Aramaic and selected “Beautiful Names” in the Qur’an.

In everyday life, we often struggle to make decisions about the many challenges we face. The same is true globally, where problems and challenges abound. Reclaiming the tradition of the Deeper Heart that leads to light-filled vision and Sacred Sense allows us to become channels for a different way of being human, one person at a time.

Learn more about Neil’s work: Abwoon website

Alima Stoeckel (Germany)

The Way of the Aramaic Beatitudes

We dive into the sounds and dances of the Aramaic Beatitudes and let their wisdom guide us. Their atmosphere in combination with body-centered mediations and practices can help us to open even more deeply to their healing and blessing power and step into a process of renewal and refocusing.

Baraka Brita von Kügelgen and Jelaluddin Hauke Sturm


Sufi healing and Soulwork: Healing and Peace in this Time

We can only give to the world and to people what we have ourselves. That is why our self-healing is so important, as Hazrat Inayat Khan always emphasizes. So we will do Sufi healing exercises and healing meditations together to heal and strengthen ourselves, also with the help of Sufi Soulwork. Then we can pass this on–for the benefit of all beings and our planet Earth.

Jean Pierre David (France)

Chivalry of the Heart: Contemplations for Daily Life

Practices from the transmission of Murshid SAM and Hazrat Inayat Khan, including: healing ritual for places of deep suffering; zikr of Inayat Khan; walking meditations with symbols for remembrance in the midst of turmoil, and Beautiful Names to be proactively in the moment with love.

Natalia Nur Jahan (Scotland)

Thy Light is in All Forms, Thy Love in All Beings

The hypnosis of this apparent world makes us believe ourselves to be small and fragile, sometimes even unloved and unworthy. We forget the magnificence of Love and Light that we are part of, that is our Truth, our real Life.  Just how can we re-discover that, in reality, we are capable of embracing and sustaining a great amount of Light, are able to channel boundless Love and Delicacy into the world? 

Through Sufi practice, which will include the Beautiful Names, zikr and tasawwuri walks, as well as through meditation and energy work, we will endeavour to reach for the Light, expecting to open our hearts to the ongoing flow of support that is pouring upon us each moment of our life. 

Learn more about Natalia’s work: In The Rose Garden website, Rose Garden Coaching website

Rafia Sieglin (Germany)

A Meeting with Murshid SAM

Murshid SAM has left us an incredible treasure of scriptures, exercises, meditations, stories, walks and dances. Connected to the living spirit of SAM, we will explore and experience this treasure to the fullest. And as Joe Miller, a good friend of SAM, called out at Murshid’s funeral “Yes, SAM is here,” we can open our hearts to an inner encounter with him, so that at the end of the course we too can say “Yes, SAM is here!”

Rahmana Dziubany (Germany)

In Tune with Myself: Finding My Place in the Orchestra of Life

Our divine heritage entails that our soul carries personal notes that make us unique. Our growing and becoming is the search for the sound that brings us into harmony with ourselves and our destiny, so that we can better recognize and understand ourselves and life, and come into unison to sing our very own song. We go in search of traces in our innermost being and listen deeply to the diverse voices: with exercises of our Sufi practice, but also with play, creative-artistic processes, and the inner parts work according to Prof. Tom Holmes. Are we becoming the conductor of our lives?!

“The secret of the best conductors…. They make one plus one not two or even three, but: one. Exactly one consisting of orchestra, conductor, soloist, and work. In a symphony orchestra (…)the balance must be right. The basis for stability is that all work together, otherwise an imbalance arises and the ‘building’ breaks apart (….) this balance depends essentially on the conductor. When his leadership provides the stable foundation, the whole orchestra can rise to peak performance, and all together begin to sing.“–Giora Feidmann.

Learn more about Rahmana’s work: Rahmana’s website, Haus Ananda website, Bless Ananda project website

During the Summer School 2023 many participants donated towards Rahmana’s Bless Ananda project in India. HERE you can watch a short video showing you what those donations were spent on (opens in a new window.)

Tara and Maboud Swierkoscz (USA)

The Confluence of Soul and Self

When the rivers of Soul and Self are meandering harmoniously together, we may experience inspiration, clarity of purpose and the feeling of being embraced and known by the Divine Presence. However, we often find that the river of Self strays away from the river of Soul and we may be entangled in loneliness, self-conflict, defensiveness, while bracing ourselves against the currents of everyday difficulties.

In this offering, we open our being to receive the gifts of the Most Beautiful Names (Asma ul-Husna) as unifying and healing energies. Through the practice of wasifa, we cultivate a feeling of intimacy between Self and Soul within the breath of the present moment. When softening into experience of Sacred Unity that arises from the confluence of Self and Soul, wisdom and love may embrace us in a renewed way. We may receive fresh guidance towards our continued responsibility for Creation, while we keep moving on our life journey of being human and being uniquely divine.

Through song, body prayer, wasifa-inspired dances, meditation and sharing, we tune our hearts to the One Love, that we may live in a richer kinship of being within ourselves, with others, and the earth.

Learn more about Tara and Maboud’s work: Santa Fe DUP website, Hummingbird Dance and Wazifa Retreats (Facebook)

Raaja Hakim Fischer (Germany)

Singing Towards the One

In his class Raaja Hakim will offer a variety of Sacred Songs, singing Zikr, and Dances of Universal Peace. The songs range from a simple mantric style up to 4-part harmonies. The music consists mainly of his own compositions inspired by his spiritual practices, the focus on Sufi contents or Aramaic words of Jesus (Yeshua). Also some Harmonic Temple songs of Nickomo as well as other Heart Songs might be presented.

Learn more about Raaja’s work: Raaja’s website, Unicorn Camps website

Khabir Christian Mayer-Glauninger (Germany)

Early morning class; Dances of Universal Peace, Sufi and other Wisdom Stories

Learn more about Khabir’s work: Khabir’s website

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