Terms of Service

These are the terms of serivice that guide the European Sufi Summer School event (in the further text “The Summer School” or “seminar”) and our staff. Please, read them carefully.

Medical Cover and Legal Responsibility

Participation in the Summer School seminar happens at your own risk. The Summer School staff are not to be held responsible for any illness, injury, or their implications that might occur during the time of the seminar, whether during your participation in classes, in karma-yoga, or your recreational time.

It is your responsibility to have a suitable medical insurance (travel insurance/travel accident insurance.)

Protection for Children

The Summer School seminar is open for the participants of 18 years old, or older. In the event of participants bringing underage children with them, that can only be done with the explicit agreement of the Summer School staff. Such children are to be under supervision of their parent or guardian, who is carrying the full legal responsibility for the child.


We do not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, or belief. The participants are expected to treat each other, as well as the Summer School staff, with respect. Failure to do so may result in your expulsion from the seminar, with no refunds made.

Change of program

The Summer School team reserves the right to change the program without prior notice.

Payments and refund policy

The payment for the tuition and accommodation+meals must be made in full before the start of the Summer School seminar, unless you have pre-agreed a special payment plan with our staff.

All cancellations will be charged €70. After two months before the start of the seminar, €200 is non-refundable. After one month before the start of the seminar no refunds are made.

Disabled Access

We apologise that the site of the Summer School is not currently being wheelchair accessible.


No pets are permitted on the premises. Proitzer Müehle is a working farm, please be mindful of the animals on the premises.


Please only bring your car to the seminar site for off-loading and uploading on the arrival and departure days. At all other times your car must be kept at the designated parking site.

Use of personal Information

We will only use your personal information provided during registration, for the purposes of organising the event/program that you have enrolled into.

Taking Photo and Video of Participants

We ask you to refrain from taking photos or videos of other participants without their explicit permission, and from posting these to social media. Doing that goes against the requirements of the current GDPR EU regulation. In addition, our participants come from different countries and from differents walks of life. Posting their identifiable image on the social media might, unbeknown to you, compromise their work position or even personal safety.


Participants of the Summer School understand that audio and/or video recordings may be made of one or more classes. Those are made for the benefit of the Summer School participants’ community and not for the commercial use.

When audio recordings are made, voices and contributions of some of the participants may be recorded. If you do not wish for your voice to be present on the recording, please notify us in writing.

While we take utmost care to exclude anyone but the presenters and interpreters appear in the video recordings, we cannot guarantee that no recording of participants will occur. If you wish not to be appearing in the video, please notify us in writing.

Effective Date

These Terms of Service are effective and were last updated on December 21, 2023.